Christos Michalakos is a composer, performer and software developer. His research explores the synergies between sound, music, games, improvisation and performance. He also designs and builds sound and music systems for commercial games and interactive applications. 

Christos has presented his work at a wide range of conferences and festivals including the International Conference on Live Interfaces (Brighton 2016), DiGRA / FDG (Dundee 2016), London Jazz Festival (London 2015), GDC (San Francisco 2015), ACM Creativity and Cognition (Glasgow 2015 / San Diego 2019), NIME (Oslo 2011 / London 2014 / Brisbane 2016), ICMC (Ljubljana 2012 / Shanghai 2017), ISEA (Albuquerque 2012) and Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (Belfast 2011 / 12 / 16).

He often improvises with his electronically augmented drum-kit, a custom hybrid instrument which extends the traditional acoustic drum-kit through the use of sensors and bespoke software. Over the years he has shared the stage with a plethora of artists ranging from improvising saxophonist Evan Parker, to performance artist Stelarc, as well as various long-term collaboration projects. 

Christos holds a BSc in Mathematics (University of Crete 2006), an MSc in Acoustics and Music Technology (University of Edinburgh 2008) and a PhD in Creative Music Practice (University of Edinburgh 2013), examined by renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Fred Frith.

He currently lives and works in Dundee, Scotland, where he is a senior lecturer and researcher at the School of Design and Informatics at the University of Abertay.